Hybrid Process

The unique technology of two stage creation

hybrid process

Unique double process of prototyping;

first raw printing, finally precise 5D machining

New material

Polyester paste

the new era of prototyping


5 times faster than other printing methods

New applications

Material hardness, strength, finishing in gloss or painting creates endless possibilities comparing to standard thermoplastic materials.

Join the evaluation program now

We have prepared a test program for our new technology for everyone who wants to try. Join the evaluation program and we will send you free samples of our innovative material. You will compare the surface quality after milling and grinding with the quality of 3D prints made of ABS or PLA which you know very well. If the quality will surprise you positively, we will print the model according to your design in the next stage. The only limit will be a weight of up to 500g. If we attract your attention after these tests, we will offer you our rapid prototyping services on very attractive terms. Beta testers will also be able to order HYBRID 5D printers at a special price.

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